AFSCME Local 3549, Jacksonville Correctional Center
About us

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We are the officers and staff of Jacksonville Correctional Center(JCC). JCC is a minimum security adult male institution located at Jacksonville in central Illinois.We also have two satellite institutions, Greene County Work Camp (GCWC) located South of Roodhouse, and Pittsfield Work Camp (PWC) All three facilities operate under the authority of the ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS with a mission to protect the public through incarceration, supervision, programs, and services designed to return appropriate offenders to the community with skills to be useful and productive citizens.Today's modern correctional officer is not just a turn key like in the old movies. Today's officer is called upon to be a supervisor, teacher, counselor, and enforcer of the rules. An officer can be called upon to provide first aid and crisis intervention as the needs arise, to lead by example and provide the inspiration for an inmate to change their lives for the better. If you would like to be an officer and be a member of an AFSCME local, link to the ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS EMPLOYMENT page.


AFSCME's Purpose

We want to introduce you to the best union in America: AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

Why is AFSCME the best? Because AFSCMEs over 1.3 million members public service and health care workers wont settle for anything less. Members have built the most active and powerful union in the Labor movement, and for one single purpose: to make sure that each and every member of AFSCME gets a fair deal from the boss and from the politicians.

AFSCME has the most aggressive staff and the most effective programs in the Labor movement today: outstanding resources for organizing, political action, and representing members in the workplace.

People in the workplace like what they see. In the biggest organizing drives of the past half century, workers have chosen AFSCME to represent them, and more than 100 independent associations have voted to affiliate. Today AFSCME continues to win nearly 90 percent of its representation elections.

What this all adds up to is job protection and good contracts and thats what a union is all about.