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The following list contains contact information for local representatives and elected officials.

2004 Presidential Candidates

AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates


Rep. Jim Watson
(217) 243-6221

Rep. Rich Myers
(309) 836-2707

Rep. Art Tenhouse
(217) 223-0833

Rep. Gwen Klingler
(217) 782-0053

Rep. Gary Hannig
(217) 839-2859

email Rep. Jim Watson

email Rep. Rich Myers

email Rep. Art Tenhouse


Sen. Larry Bomke

Sen. Vince DeMuzio

Sen. John M. Sullivan

email Sen. Larry Bomke

email Sen. Vince DeMuzio

email Sen. Dick Durbin

AFSCME Council 31

615 South Second St.
Springfield, IL 62701
217 788-2800
217 753-2005 (fax)



Dear Working AFSCME Families Activist:

A lot is going on in the drive to block President Bush's
overtime pay take-away. Here is all the news:

* The U.S. Senate scheduled but failed to vote today on new
legislation to block the Bush Department of Labor from
implementing the overtime pay take-away.

* Unless they are stopped, it is now likely that the overtime
pay take-away will be finalized before April 1. The exact date
is up to President Bush and Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao.

* More than 500,000 people have signed the Petition to Save
Overtime Pay--a huge landmark.

Together, we're doing everything we can--but unless public
pressure forces Republican leaders in Congress and the Bush
administration to back down, more than 8 million workers
probably will lose their right to overtime pay, even though
polls show a majority of Democrats, Independents and Republicans
oppose the overtime pay take-away.

So, much more is needed. Please ask your friends, family and
co-workers to sign the Petition to Save Overtime Pay today. They
can sign online by clicking on the link below.

Or, you can ask them to sign the petition by downloading and
distributing the printable petition form.

While Bush and his secretary of labor are working to take away
overtime pay from millions of America's workers, more than 10
million people are out of work. Worse, President Bush's economic
report to Congress calls the avalanche of U.S. jobs being sent
overseas a "good thing." The report says it "makes sense" for
U.S. companies to make products overseas and sell them here in
America. How out of touch are these people? Who are they working

Let's all show them the difference we can make when we speak out
together. Spread the word about this petition! Forward this
e-mail to your friends, family and co-workers.

Thanks for all you do. Look for more updates soon.

In Solidarity,

Working Families e-Activist Network, AFL-CIO
March 4, 2004

P.S. Check out this short animation on the Bush overtime pay
take-away from cartoonist Mark Fiore.


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